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Looking for that high quality designer morph? Come on in and browse through what animals are available to buy. Buying from us will inject quality directly into your collection!

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Spool through the ever growing collection, as I breed more and more animals the list is surely going to grow. Watch as the quality of the animals goes through the roof!

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Come take a read through the blog! Here you can find a variety of different writings, including; care sheets, breeding plans, breeding outcomes and general tips to aid you with your hobby!

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The Overview

I am a reptile hobbyist and enthusiast based in Somerset. I keep and breed both Royal pythons (Python regius) and Leopard geckos (Eublepharis macularius) in my collection.

My goal is simple – to produce good quality animals that are both striking and healthy, that will go onto thrive in a captive environment. I choose to keep my collection small to allow me to concentrate on my breeding projects with that much more attention. I believe this will allow me to produce good results and good quality animals in the future.

I have one rule when it comes to what animals I keep in my collection, which is simply to keep the quality high. I believe if you purchase and grow on quality animals, you will produce quality animals. This allows me to explore different avenues within the Royal python and Leopard gecko industry, and in the near future will produce animals that are diverse, colourful and something different.

To keep up to date with Ash Reptiles, you can head on over to Facebook and follow my page there, and be sure to visit again to remain updated about what breeding projects are in the pipeline for the future!